Central Research Laboratory

Apart from routine equipment, the Lab is equipped with the following major items

of equipment:

width=415 GC-MS (Agilent G1701EA GC/MSD Chem Station Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrophotometer combines the features of Gas – Liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry. It is to identify different substance within a sample. It can also identify trace elements in materials that are previously thought to have disintegrated beyond identification. It is applicable in drug detection, exposure investigation, and investigation of unknown samples.

HPLC (CE 4200 and CE 4201)

High performance liquid chromatography is a separation technique that identifies and quantifies each component.


Buck Model 210 VGP Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (AAS) It is designed to measure the concentration of elements in solution. It provides integrated measurements in absorbance or emission intensity as well as sample concentration in comparison to standard solution.


Electronic Universel Testing Machine Model; WDW-50

It is widely used to do various kinds of tension, compression, bending, and peeling tests for metallic and non metallic materials.


Rotating Fatigue Testing Machine SFT- 600

It is used for the determination of endurance limit or fatigue stress. It can exert cycling load on the specimen with optional value of load


Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)

It is an electronic device used to image morphology of samples,compositional samples, bonding differences, molecular probes, and metal & fluorescence probes. It can heat or cool samples while viewing them. Examples of samples that can be viewed under scanning electron microscope are metals, granite, rocks, biological materials, and wood structure


6850 UV/Visible Spectrophotometer. It is a double beam UV/Visible Spectrophotometer with an integrated user interface for local control. It has highly stable optics and two detectors that measure the sample and reference solution simultaneously to optimize the accuracy of the measurement. It is useful for photometric, concentration, multi -wavelength, spectrum scanning, quantitation, Kinetics, DNA and protein analysie.


Rapid Visco Analyzer (RVA 4500)

It is a rotational viscometer that incorporates the latest visco-analyser technology, including variable heating, cooling and shear capabilities. It is suitable for a variety of applications requiring accurate viscosity information, such as testing of starch based-products for quality control.


The 4100 EXO Scan FTIR

Flourier transform infrared is a portable, handled battery operated analyzer. It is suitable for molecular compound identification and quantification. It is designed to measure a variety of solid and liquid samples in difficult locations or impossible to analyze in a laboratory.


Flame Photometer Model PFP7 It is a low temperature, single channel emission flame photometer. It is designed for the determination of sodium and potassium. Additional filters are available for the determination of lithium, calcium and barium.



It is a microscope attached with a camera. It reveals shape/structures

DDS Bomb Calorimeter ( e 2K) It is used to measure the calorific value of both solids and liquids. DDS bomb calorimeter systems are the most advanced bomb calorimeter systems available today. It has three different models in their Scientific CAL2k range: CAL2k, ECO and e2k


Fibertech 2010 & M6

It is used for the analysis of fibre as crude fibre, Neutral Detergent FIbre (NDF), Acid Detergent Fibre (ADF) & Acid Detergent Linn (ADL).


EDXRF Minipal 4 Spectrometer

Energy dispensing X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer. It is used for elemental analysis. It determines the elements in percentage. It is also non destructive i.e. samples can be recovered.


Keltec TM 2100 Distillation Unit

It is a distillation unit, convenient and safe instrument for rapid steam distillation. One of the main applications of the unit is the distillation of Kjeldahl digest, where alkali is conveniently added via a built in dispensing system. The distillate is collected in a receiver flask for subsequent titration for nitrogen/protein determination.



It is a heating system.It is used in digesting samples for protein analysis.


NEOS Essential Oil Extractor MA 125

It is specifically designed for open system (atmospheric pressure) essential oil extraction. It extracts essential oil from fresh and dried plant materials. It can perform solvent free microwave extraction at atmospheric pressure.


Electric Farinograph

It is used to measure the water absorption of flours, determine the wheat quality and suitability of flour for various applications, check production and flour blends in the mill, measure the processing and dough characteristics of flour.


ZIRBUS Freeze Drier VACO 2-E It

is used to preserve perishable materials. It removes water content without greatly altering the physical structure of the sample.


Vacuum Oven FCD- 3000

It is used for drying purposes under vacuum operation.


Electrophoresis Unit


HARRIER 18/80 Refrigerated Centrifuge

It is used to separate substances based on density. It is useful for centrifugation of temperature sensitive material. It uses internal cooling system to maintain the centrifuge chamber and hence the sample being centrifuged at a pre-set below ambient temperature. ` It spins liquid sample at high speed range up to 3,000 rpm to 6,000rpm.


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