Central Research Laboratory


The Management and staff of Central Research Laboratory (FUTA) bids farewell to a distinguished academic and researcher, Professor Johnson Oluwasola Agbede, as he steps down from his role as the pioneer Director of the Central Research Laboratory. Professor Agbede head the Laboratory for over seven years both as the Chairman of the Management Committee and Director.

Prof. Agbede's exceptional leadership and relentless pursuit of scientific excellence have left an indelible mark on the Centre and FUTA research landscape. Completion of his tenure as the Director marks the end of an era characterized by groundbreaking collaboration, good and reliable research data output and remarkable achievements within the university's research community.

A Legacy of Excellence: During his tenure as the Director of the Central Research Laboratory, Prof. Agbede spearheaded numerous initiatives aimed at positioning the centre to the top among its contemporaries both within and outside the University. With his visionary approach, he ensured that the laboratory became a hub of innovation and fostering interdisciplinary collaborations.

Under Prof. Agbede's leadership, the Central Research Laboratory witnessed significant growth and transformation. He successfully expanded its infrastructure, enhanced research capabilities, and facilitated collaborations with University of Anglia, United Kingdom. His unwavering commitment to excellence propelled the laboratory to new heights, earning it recognition as a center to be reckoned with within the Nigerian academic community.

As a mentor and advisor, Prof. Agbede has nurtured various members of staff of the centre, instilling in them a passion for scientific inquiry and critical thinking. His guidance and support have empowered countless Post graduates Students, Technologists and Lecturers through the centre annual training on operation, applications and troubleshooting of specific analytical equipment.

A Bright Future Ahead: While Prof. Agbede's completion of tenure marks the end of an era, his impact will continue to shape the future of Central Research Laboratory,FUTA. The foundation he has laid, the values he has instilled, and the culture of excellence he has fostered will serve as an enduring legacy. His successor will undoubtedly build upon his achievements, leveraging his vision to drive further advancements in research and community services.

Prof. Oluwasola Agbede's tenure as the pioneer Director of the Central Research Laboratory at the Federal University of Technology, Akure, has been characterized by unwavering commitment, exceptional leadership, and groundbreaking research. His retirement represents the culmination of a remarkable career marked by significant contributions to scientific knowledge and the nurturing of future generations of researchers. The FUTA community and the wider scientific community owe him a debt of gratitude for his invaluable service and lasting impact. As Prof. Agbede embarks on a new chapter, his contributions will continue to resonate, inspiring and shaping the next generation of researchers at FUTA and beyond.